Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dum Biriyani for Dummies

this method involves masala and rice to be prepared seperately and mixed later.

high level approach 

This would take you about an hour..

Ingredients : ( tamil translation in brackets)
Rice - Depends upon how many people
Chicken - depends on ur capacity ;)
Vegetable / Olive oil
Ghee (optional) = 1 tsp
Spices-clove(lavangam) ,elaichi(yelakkai)
Onions(vengayam) - 2 big ones for 4-5 ppl quantity
Tomatoes(thakkaali) - 2 big ones for 4-5 ppl quantity
Ginger garlic paste(inji-poondu) - 2 tsp
Chilli Powder - 2tsp
Biriyani Masala - depends ..if u r adding all other ingredients then not much is needed
Turmeric Powder(manjal i right ? ) - 1tsp
Yoghurt(thayiru) - 2 tbsp
Lemon (Optional)  - half
Cashews  - to garnish
Coriander(kothu malli) Leaves
Mint(pudina) Leaves
Salt - 2 tsp

For masala :
1.Start by heating oil , ghee and spices and add the cut onions and heat till the onions turn slightly brown

2.Add ginger garlic paste, chilli powder , bit of turmeric powder .mix it well and add chicken pieces followed by cut tomatoes.
Keep heating it and by now you should be getting the smell of masala ;)

3.Add mint leaves , salt and biriyani masala if you want..and if you feel the gravey is too thin add yoghurt..
You can also add lemon if you want.squeeze a small lemon for more taste in the masala.

Check for salt and spice here because it would be difficult to add in the later stages..personal exprience :(

if salt is more its fine because once you add rice it will get compensated but if its less add it now else its difficult once you add the boiled rice and start stirring..

Allow this to cook for a while may be for 20mins and in parallel boil the rice.

Once the rice is 3/4th boiled you can add the rice as layers in the masala.

If you want you can add jeera and salt in the rice before you start boiling it.

Cover the vessel wit a lid and leave the stove in sim.

once done you can check it out and garnish with coriander leaves and cashews..

you can also save some cut onions and tomatoes to prepare raitha ;)

hope this helped you..

try it out guys..and practise makes man perfect ;)

Ameer Irshad