Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Best online video streaming service: YouTube Red Vs Netflix Vs Hulu vs Amazon Prime Video

YouTube Red Vs Netflix Vs Hulu vs Amazon Prime Video
With the recently launched new features in YouTube Red service, I wanted to check out some of the features in all the streaming media services. The key aspects used to compare these services are cost/month, the content available on each service, the devices on which the services are supported and few other key features like ad-free, offline content availability, content quality, etc.
Hope this comparison chart is helpful for you to decide the best service which suits you.

The data is referred from multiple sources for which the links are provided below. 
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Monday, February 8, 2016

Getting started with Android Application Development

Thought of sharing my answer on Quora to the question : How do I get started with Android Application Development?

Start by learning Core Java and get familiar with OOPS Concepts.
Gotta be very strong in data types , class/objects , interface concepts , exception handling , multithreading ,string manipulation, utils, etc.

Once done, get started by setting up the development environment for Android.

You can refer this link for the same : Build your first App

Also Android tutorials by Vogella can be a great reference to get hands-on all the basic concepts required to get started with your idea. Vogella - Android Tutorial

Mostly an Android app ( enterprise/consumer) would involve these 5 components/building blocks :

  • User interface
  • Connectivity (HTTP/S -> REST/SOAP,sockets , etc )
  • Data Exchange format parsing ( XML,JSON)
  • Device specific features ( Camera, GPS,etc)
  • Local Storage

So you gotta take that approach and try to build a sample application which will get you familiarized with the above mentioned concepts.
You can start with Simple weather apps, To-Do lists, Nearby Places App, etc.

Hope this helps.

All the best !! Happy Learning :)

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