Wednesday, May 1, 2013

how to setup hp 4625 deskjet ink advantage all-in-one printer in ubuntu 13.04

straight to the point .

i have connected my hp 4625 and my lenovo thinkpad t420 running ubuntu 13.04 to a netgear router.

its an amazing printer with excellent print and scan quality.never used the fax feature absolutely fine over usb and wifi.I am a hobby photographer (AmeerIrshadPhotography )  so i tried printing my pics on a photo quality/glossy paper and the results are stunning.
now lets get into the business of configuring this printer in ubuntu 13.04
for the first time you print the printer feature would just work fine in ubuntu .just go to "printer" option .click on add and click on network you will  get a dialog box something like this after clicked on find ->network printer

click on forward and it will give you an option to print a test page.and the printer just worked fine over wifi..

now i kept the test page on the scanner to configure the same.

Scanner setup :

open the terminal and type

sudo hp-setup 
and give your password

and follow the below steps.....its advised to keep your printer connected over usb though you are configuring for "over wifi scanning"

and your hp will get detected in the next step

 connection details

and its almost done here

use any scanning utility and try scanning .remember i had kept my test page in the scanning area and it scanned just fine

please dont mind the scanned image quality as i used very low dpi for a quicker scan to update this blog.

Hope you guys found it useful.comment if you have any queries or suggestions.and sorry for the short language and descriptions used.

-Ameer Irshad