Monday, February 8, 2016

Getting started with Android Application Development

Thought of sharing my answer on Quora to the question : How do I get started with Android Application Development?

Start by learning Core Java and get familiar with OOPS Concepts.
Gotta be very strong in data types , class/objects , interface concepts , exception handling , multithreading ,string manipulation, utils, etc.

Once done, get started by setting up the development environment for Android.

You can refer this link for the same : Build your first App

Also Android tutorials by Vogella can be a great reference to get hands-on all the basic concepts required to get started with your idea. Vogella - Android Tutorial

Mostly an Android app ( enterprise/consumer) would involve these 5 components/building blocks :

  • User interface
  • Connectivity (HTTP/S -> REST/SOAP,sockets , etc )
  • Data Exchange format parsing ( XML,JSON)
  • Device specific features ( Camera, GPS,etc)
  • Local Storage

So you gotta take that approach and try to build a sample application which will get you familiarized with the above mentioned concepts.
You can start with Simple weather apps, To-Do lists, Nearby Places App, etc.

Hope this helps.

All the best !! Happy Learning :)

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